What to do if you're in an auto accident

Navigating this terrible experience is made easy by our informative video

From the Desk of Tyler Doherty, CEO of Doherty Insurance Group

In case you’re driving down the road, and somebody hits you from behind, or if you are looking at your phone real quick and bump somebody in front of you, these are the steps you want to take to make sure everyone is safe and protected.

  1. Pull over, put your hazards on! Start calling the police. I know this can be hard because it’s scary and you’re not sure who’s at fault, but it’s important to provide all the documentation and accurate information.

  2. Call the Police! Make sure that nobody is hurt in either party. Check yourself and your passengers first. Then exit the vehicle and check on the safety of others. Be polite to all parties.

  3. Collect information and give an accurate description of the accident to the officer on the scene. It’s important to be calm and collected, not defensive or assume liability.

  4. ¬†Call your agent and discuss the options. A lot of times there’s not even a claim to be filed. If you simply call the claims center, you might be forced to file a claim, even if there’s nothing to be paid. This still follows you on your record.

  5. Take Pictures! When it comes time for the claim to be filed, or if there’s a dispute, pictures will be invaluable!

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